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Risk Management


Risk Management is the process of identifying, assessing, prioritizing, and controlling potential risks is required to insure your company’s success.
In today’s fast paced world risks come in many forms; Natural causes and disasters, uncertainty of financial markets, pandemics, project failures, legal liabilities, credit risk, accidents, fraud, and deliberate attacks are only a few of the risks you face on a daily basis.
Risk assessment is a crucial part of the Risk Management process. In order to avoid or mitigate risks it is first necessary to identify and understand them.

Threat Management and Protection Inc.’s team of highly skilled consultants will meet with your executive team to determine your concerns, perceived risk exposures and business practices.
We will perform an objective Security and Business Risk Assessment. We will provide your company with a comprehensive report outlining your organizational strengths and identifying areas of vulnerability.
The report will contain Strategic and Operational Recommendations for immediate and long term risk mitigation, a best practice business safeguards outline, and a proposed management plan for implementation.

Our Security Agents are allways Discreet and professional on their Security duty.

We Provide Security Services in Spain,Madrid,Barcelona,Mallorca,Marbella,Ibiza and Barcelona and International Locations like Monaco and St Tropez Security Services.

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“A ship is safe in harbour,but thats not what a ship was built for”

-William H.Shedd.


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