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Executive Protection Services

Executive Protection usually consists of a 1-6 member team or more, that is assigned to protect the client, their families and their property. A thorough backround investigation of your clients backround,business associates. etc. should be done to assess threats. If threats are determined, they will be categorized into 3 levels. Our Executive Protection Specialists will determine threats and conduct site preparation in order to provide the safest environment and fast escape routes if needed.

Once the details of the clients security detail is established and agreed to the protective detail will be deployed. The client may only choose a single armed driver or may require a team of 4 or more guards. The Executive Protection Detail is trained to quickly identify and neutralize any threat they may encounter. The Protective Team should be able to quickly and safely evacuate the client and their families in an emergency.

Site Safety Assessment

A Site Safety Assessment determines the clients current security measures and detects vulnerabilities and possible upgrade measures. Our protection professionals will survey all properties, vacation rentals and daily traveled routes to ensure the utmost safety.

Risk Assessment

A Risk Assessment Report determines the various threats and undesirable events that may occur on a daily basis or during particular parts of the clients day. They will determine when more security measures may be needed and when some can be taken off.

Travel Security Services

SBS is a leading corporate travel safety consultant, offering a wide range of solutions to global businesses. The key component to providing a first class executive protection and business travel security service is to ensure a comprehensive risk assessment is carried out prior to deployment. This coupled with a thorough understanding of the operational environment allows your business travel security solution to be designed, planned and implemented commensurate with risk and always tailored to your specific needs.

Spain Surveillance Services

Our spanish licensed Private Investigators will strategically position wireless security cameras to ensure that any possible threats will be identified before they are able to approach our client. Counter surveillance techniques will often be used in addition to security cameras to add an extra level of protection.

Surveillance counter measures and listening device detectors

Our executive protection specialists will “sweep” the clients property and vehicle to expose any listening devices “bugs” or any other surveillance that may be in use to put our client at risk.

Logistics,Security Cars and Safe Rooms

For those clients that require the most protection while driving on the road or at their homes, an armored vehicle or safe room is the best option. Certain clients in high risk situations such as traveling in other countries or hostile countries require the amenities of an armored vehicle for safe travels. Just about any vehicle can be customized to include options such as Armored Steel doors and bullet proof glass windows to tires that will not deflate if punctured. Hidden or “Safe Rooms” are increasing drastically in demand. They can provide for the ultimate in security at the clients residence. Call us for a complimentary security consultation with one of our protection specialists for more information and rates.

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